Planning a trip to the USA…

Let’s tell you a bit about my current travel plans, how to save money when booking things and the resources we used. My next big trip is in June 2015, I’m travelling to the USA for a month.  I feel like I should tell you how I got to doing this as I know some of you reading this might be nervous first time travellers, too scared to explore alone.  Well I’ll let you into a secret, I’ve not been travelling totally alone yet and  I’m not going alone this time either but I’m slowly taking steps towards being confident enough to be able to travel alone in the future.  So how am I doing that?

Well my first step was in 2010, aged 15, I was a Girl Guide and joined a group of UK guides visiting Gibraltar for a week; I didn’t know anyone on the trip until our bonding weekend and as lots of people were in the same situation it made it a lot easier to make friends.  If you are a young traveller I would say join your local Guides or Scouts, they organise great trips all over the country and world AND help you with plans and ideas if you need to fundraise for them.

How about upping the anti? Now a bit older, instead of doing a week I went on a month’s expedition with a small group from school.  The expedition was organised by a company through the school called World Challenge.  What if you aren’t in education anymore or they aren’t offering you that at your school?  Don’t worry I have suggestions for that too!

So a bit more travelling and I’m now 20 with a planned and booked trip to the USA.  I’m going with my University flatmate for a month away on our own and here’s your answer to a group trip!  We are doing part of our adventure with Trek America, we both wanted to travel, but felt still slightly unsure about doing it alone.  So doing part of the trip with an organised group was a good option for us.  So what are we doing? For two weeks of the trip we are on our own, spending some of it in the Big Apple! Doing a little research we found out a cheap way to do all the big attractions is to buy a New York City Pass, it means we are able to do all the attractions we want AND more! Here’s a list of things you can do with the pass.  There are also a lot of free things to do in New York (cue a future blog post!).

The two week trek with Trek America, then begins. Personally for us this was a better and cheaper option to travel around America, travel and activities are included and it’s only a small group of around 10-12.  The great thing is we get to meet loads of other travellers and do things as a group (if you want to go off one day and do something else that is also allowed).  Visit their website through the link above because there’s loads of different treks, short and long, some camping some in Hotels; the point being, there is going to be something that suits you.  It’s a cheaper way to travel in America and you are pretty much guaranteed to make lifelong friends.

The Trek I am doing is called the Mountain Trail and finishes in LA, so we then have some beach time there before we begin the homestretch again.   Something I found really useful when deciding what areas of America to visit was Lonely Planet USA (Travel Guide) it’s a great read and I’m planning to use it for future trips too.

Have any questions? Are you travelling America too or want help planning a trip? I want to know! Happy planning!


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