This is me

I decided to set up this travel blog because I want to be able to record the steps of how I plan my trips and share all my adventures with you lot!  I want to be inspired by other bloggers and also maybe inspire some of you myself!  I feel like travelling is a crucial part of life, it shapes you as a person and you learn so much from it.  Plus you see some amazing places! ‘I’m too scared’ you say? Well you don’t have to travel alone and I admit myself I think that’s a scary thing to do, I haven’t gone somewhere totally on my own yet, I have always met the group before hand or gone with friends and family.  However I want to change this, so by starting this blog I want to start planning spontaneous trips myself and go and meet other adventurers.

I will post and update you all as much as I can, it may be with stories from old adventures, future plans or somewhere I’m travelling currently.1545898_10203196894742443_348131489_n (1)

This is me ^, a student from England saving like crazy so I can so I can travel to the worlds most beautiful places.  You can check out where I’ve been so far by clicking on that drop down at the top of the page or have a look at some of my previous posts.


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