Why am I so in-decisive?

Today I have been working hard earning some monies towards being able to pack my backpack once again and go off travelling. I have decided to stay at University alone for a whole month whilst everyone else has gone back for Easter break in order to save as much as I can. Every work shift counts!  I keep telling myself (like today) you worked an 8 hour shift SO that will pay for one nights accommodation in New York this summer etc. Yay!

Except I’m finding that deciding what to check off my bucket list next is proving difficult. Like a lot of other people I am super indecisive and just want to say yes and go everywhere! I’ve been sat with my various diaries and calenders trying to work out when the next available time is I can go.  Being at uni means at some point fitting in coursework (and next summer maybe an internship?), I am also wayyy too much of a goody two shoes and would never dream of missing a compulsory lecture unless I absolutely had to. Therefore September is my next free time and then (unless I go away for Christmas and New Year alone..(Maybe not Christmas)) nothing until May 2016. Looks like my plan is that after my USA trip I could possibly squeeze in a few weeks before I go back to uni in September, and in-between trips earn more money whilst the travel season is expensive and at its peak in July and August.
So where should I go?  I’m thinking maybe this one should be on my own.  I am only able to go for around 3 weeks in September and this would be my first trip totally on my own.
Where did you go for your first trip alone? Check out my bucket list in the drop down on my homepage, is there anywhere on there you’ve been alone and would suggest?

The thought of travelling totally alone sounds so exciting and like one massive adventure, but as I’ve always travelled in groups I’m slightly anxious about being a young, lone, female traveller so where would suit me?


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