One for the ladies

Sorry I haven’t posted these last few days, I have come down with a cold and am still trying to go to work and get my essays done so yay for being a student…

Anyway in this post I want to tell you that being a female traveller does not mean you have to go with out the make-up, hair styling and perfumes; it just means you have to come up with hassle free and on the road alternatives.  Even when I was stranded in the jungle I still got up in the morning did my hair, make-up, freshened up AND it only took me 10 minutes.  Personally I find that keeping yourself in that routine and knowing you look and smell ok makes you feel a lot better no matter how bad the situation! Plus who wants to look awful in all their backpacking photos?

So to begin with DO NOT wear foundation, (I’m the kind of person who tans but if not the sun still may help your skin glow, unless you burn instead) so for everyone, wear a light moisturising sun lotion of the correct factor.  After a few days walking about in the sun my skin was less pale and started to clear up, just rinse your face with water well in the morning and use a bit of soap once or twice a week (too often the skin might dry out).  If you do start to get spots we used toothpaste… yes I said toothpaste, it needs to be a plain white non gel one and if you apply it at night it drys out the spot and helps it look less red (sometimes clears it up!).  Make-up wise on my travels I took a small concealer stick, a small mascara and mini eyeliner and of course a compact mirror. You can also get your eyelashes tinted (It cost me £7), except I haven’t very long eyelashes so didn’t really work for me but I know it has worked for others. The sun bronzed my skin (and sun burn gave me blusher..) the sun also bleaches you hair slightly, giving natural highlights.  My tactic with hair was get it into a nice bun with a few braids either side and make it super firm then it would last a few days before I needed to take it out, attempt to brush it and then wash it.  Also if put into the bun correctly and neatly you could have lovely wavy hair when you take it out, or I find French plaits work great, except wear a hat you don’t want to burn the scalp!  I am one of the lucky few who doesn’t need to wash their hair everyday (I know a lot of people can’t do that, so I would suggest dry shampoo) but in fact I find when I use no product at all I can leave my hair for four days before needing to wash it.

Finally how is it possible to smell nice after hiking all day for a week without showers?  Baby wipes (plus a little deodorant), I took a pack with me and giving your body the once over in the morning with one of these does the trick!  I find I get all hot and bothered in a sleeping bag over night so when I wake up wiping you face and  body over with a damp baby wipe is really refreshing.  A little spray of deodorant under the arms and your ready to go!  Roll on deodorant doesn’t tend to work as well in hot climates for me, but each to their own!

Have you got any tips or stories you want to share?


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