A hidden gem!

So this last week I travelled to a stunning little place up in the mountains in the province of Malaga, called Mijas.  If you ever head to south Spain this is a MUST see place!  Up in the mountains white houses pile on top of each other connected with cobbled streets that are lined with flower filled blue plant pots.  The best time to go is summer time, although I went after Easter weekend, which was still great don’t get me wrong! Except I spent the week wearing my hoody and leggings with the log fire lit in the evenings… We had thunder, lightening and rain a majority of the week.  But let me reassure you it truly is beautiful in summer when the sun reflects off the streets lined with the white walls.


The locals! Well wow they’re so friendly and welcoming and there’s a large community of English people living in the surrounding areas so you will always find someone to talk to and to get travel tips from, but it is still very traditional! If you’re Spanish isn’t great but you’re willing to learn the locals always want to help, especially when ordering in a restaurant or bar.

So what did I get up to? If it’s sunny just take a stroll through the cobbled streets, have a drink outside in one of the many bars.  If it’s slightly cooler there’s the option to walk up to the little chapel further up the mountain. One of the drier dull days we went down to the town by the sea which is only a twenty minute drive away, Fuengirola.  There’s some yummy bars by the sea which cook some amazing fish dishes on their BBQ’s or if you fancy a bit of shopping they have a great selection of shops like Zara and Bershka.  Oh and before I forget there’s also the donkey rides which take you through the village of Mijas, they’re always a great laugh!


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