First time flying alone!

So last week I flew alone for my first time and I actually really enjoyed it too, in a way it was liberating! For once I was fully responsible for remembering my boarding pass and passport, plus finding my way around a foreign airport.  I travel by train and drive places alone all the time but I have never managed to fly totally alone before.  I don’t know why I’ve ever worried about doing it before, because it’s virtually impossible to get on the wrong flight and end up the other side of the world.  The only thing that could go wrong is if you miss your flight, but if you’re super organised like me (or paranoid about missing it) you manage to get into the boarding queue so quickly/early when the flight is called that you’re second to board the plane!  I was extremely pleased by this I will admit that.  So that’s another thing! I discovered travelling alone you can be as organised as you like, there’s no waiting whilst Aunt Jane goes to the toilet and grabs a cup of tea before you board; you can just sit read your book and wonder over to the boarding gate as soon as you like, it’s just great!


Plus it was another step to feeling more comfortable and excited about travelling alone somewhere.  It has totally inspired me to just be spontaneous and book a random trip alone for a few days.  I may update you in a few weeks with a random trip I’ve spontaneously booked alone you never know!


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