Packing lists!?

So I am currently coming up with all the bits and bobs I will need for my month backpacking around the USA.  It’s only 53 days away now! I know it will go fast especially as exam season at uni is now coming up, so my plan is to be super organised now.  (Plus I’m way to excited to just sit and wait until it gets really close to go and do my shopping).  So I’ve been googling what kind of things I should bring for that climate and have come up with a basic list of things such as T-shirts etc, a lock (for hostel lockers), sun cream and other random things.  But what I need is some tips from you guys!  I want to know if you’ve been or live where I’m travelling too.  Climate tips, how many t-shirts to bring or just silly things I should know.

I’m travelling in June and early July and here is where I’m stopping roughly:
New York
Yellowstone National Park
Flaming gorge
Monument Valley
Grand canyon
Las Vegas

I will post my complete list when I think I’ve finalised it, then after my trip tell you all what I did use and what was just dead weight in my bag.  I have done back packing trips at this length before but at very different climates, much hotter humid climates and it wasn’t city travelling it was more jungles and country villages.  So this is why I need your help, I have only ever suitcased city trips, if you know what I mean.  Backpacking a lot around cities such as New York is a new thing, so tips would be great! Drop me an email or comment!



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