The Sozopol secret

Where is Sozopol you might ask? Maybe it sounds like a foreign food dish?  Well you would be very wrong! It’s a stunning ancient town on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast.  Last summer I was THAT tourist, taking pictures of anything and everything, getting lost and looking sunburnt; I was stunned by not only the scenery but the culture and people too, it was not what I was expecting.  Clear blue seas, cobbled streets and the perfect sandy beach; the kind that you can lie on without finding rocks digging into your back from beneath your towel.10489702_10204434572203606_2907578722669734215_nOn arrival I bumped into an English couple who said they’d been visiting for years and that on return to the UK I should tell everyone how terrible it was just to keep tourism from spoiling the place, so before we get any further into this article… “shh” and keep this between your peers, oh, and the rest of the Courier readers.  To be fair when I wondered twenty five minutes down the coast it did start to begin to look a bit like Blackpool with arcades and piers.  Despite that, Sozopol itself still somehow largely managed to stay a lot less tacky.  It was more focused on maintaining its history from what I could see.  Cultural markets in the city centre and the remains of the old town with information for those interested.  The only bit I could see being a result of tourism was the hot corn on the cob stands on every street corner and some dress up photo booths on the main street.  Thankfully it was easy to find bars where the locals drank and the local street style.10245366_10204434543842897_8906583371578941380_nWhen you weren’t sunbathing on the amazing beaches you could go banana boating or paragliding and in the evenings along with the many restaurants and bars there was the option of clubbing or an outdoor cinema.  Oh and I have forgotten to mention it’s extremely student budget friendly!  If you haven’t been to Bulgaria before then you may not realise that it’s cheap, when I say cheap I mean very! The option of a day trip to Burgas is also there but in all honestly wandering around the smaller towns surrounding the bay of Sozopol was much more interesting. On the other hand if you like jumping off 20ft piers into the sea then Burgas is your place! The food as well! Wow! (If you are not a fish person I’m sorry but you have to try it again!)  The menus have anything and everything on it: Pasta, pizza, fish you name it!  I tried the local shark steaks and catfish, both of which were delicious and cheap! As a group of four eating starters, mains and desserts plus drinks we spent around £35 for all of that together, so probably a third of what you would pay at an equal restaurant in the UK.  The culture on delivering and the timing of food however is something to get used to, but every culture is different! Sozopol is a beautiful place with something for everyone.  It’s student friendly, being cheap, plus one and a half hours up the coast is Sunny Beach, and I’m sure most students know about their night life!

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