Find somewhere new with the flip of a coin

What if you haven’t got a month free to go somewhere exotic and actually, in reality, can only spare a day to go and explore somewhere new?  I constantly am having this exact problem, so until uni has finished and I get time off work I can only fit in a day or two a week to go and explore somewhere new.  You might be thinking, well, there’s nothing interesting around where I live.  You could be very very wrong!  Do you have a car or form of transport?  If not don’t worry you can do this on foot but it might take you a lot longer, but that equals more adventure!

11117233_10206599731651239_6049856482577941167_nThis was something  I was taught when I was in the Girl Guides and you might have done something similar if you were in Guides or Scouts.  All you need is a coin and a sense of adventure, be open minded!
How it works: Take a coin and drive/cycle/walk/run to the end of your road, once you arrive at the junction take out your coin and flip it (for this purpose lets say Heads = right and Tails = left, but whichever way round takes your fancy.)  Now look at your coin, what side is face up?  If it was heads turn right and continue doing this for every junction or footpath.  Do not flip, if one way leads to a dead end or you know it is just a housing estate. (tip: take snacks and water just in case)  You can put a limit on the number of flips you do, say you might want to stop when you have done 10 flips of the coin, or you might want to just continue until you find somewhere to stop.  Failing that you may end up going round in a circle BUT you have got out of the house, and most probably have gone an unusual route back on yourself.

11075248_10206599740011448_7982673748399165064_nI’ve done this in a car multiple times and the photos above are some of the stunning places and little villages I’ve found that I didn’t realise were so close to me! (These are surrounding Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of the UK.)  Why not stop off at café’s or bars along the way that you’ve never stopped in before, have a chat to the owner or someone in there they can tell you if there’s any secrets to check out behind the streets or down small alleys behind houses.  The great things tend to lurk a bit off the beaten track waiting to be found.

Try it out and let me know how you get on, did it or did it not work for you and why?

If you want to find a hidden gem abroad and have maybe four or five days free, check out one of my other posts about a stunning village you could visit that is hidden up in the mountains of south Spain.


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