Geocaching in France

Firstly I would like to apologise for not being able to post this last week.  If you are a regular to my posts you probably know I am at university as well as earning money to do all my travelling this summer.  This week is deadline week so I have been going crazy juggling work and university deadlines.  So please accept my apology!

Now for the adventure!

11128060_10206896965241893_1783859036_nIf you were a member of Girl Guides or Scouts you may have been Geocaching, if not you may have heard of it.  Failing here is a link!  Geocaching is an amazing world wide treasure hunting game that has been going on for years.  It is a great way to get outside and discover new and hidden places. My sister in the picture above, is holding the smallest one I have ever found.  Usually they are tubs of some form.  I wont explain all the rules as it can get confusing so click the link fro further up in the post.

I used to regularly go on holiday to a lovely little village called La Loge, near a bigger town called Hesdin.  It’s in the north of France and isn’t far from Calais.  There is a forest that is between Hesdin and La Loge and THIS is where to go geocaching.

26208_1461886346390_7179590_nThe forest is filled with all sorts left behind after World War Two, bunkers and V1 launch pads.  It such an interesting place to explore especially when you go off the beaten track looking for geocaches.   You can go off happily for hours into the forest either walking or on bikes, there is also plenty of areas to have lunch and snacks.  So we spent a day doing a geocache trail and found six of them all in various exciting places such a crater caused by the bombing of the V1 launch pads.  One of the most exciting caches we found was dangled on the end of a string into the chimney of an underground bunker from WW2.  It was so exciting trying to get to it!


Geocaching is amazing wherever you are, download the app to find out if there is any near you! They aren’t just in forests they’re in city centres too!


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